Pisan S. L. is a company founded in Barcelona by Piñol Sanjaume Santiago , where the experience of a series of professionals dedicated to building over more than four generations , which began in Xerta (Tarragona ) in 1870 is collected.

Pisan S. L. seamlessly covers both traditional variants of the construction sector , which are engineering and architecture, and aspects of site management and consultancy , offering its customers the highest level in the development of their projects, a full or part.

Pisan S. L. offers its private clients and managing all phases of the overall management of a project and any of its sub-processes , strategic study , feasibility study , site search , urban planning , permitting, geotechnical studies, studies means environmental , project writing , project management , selection processes deals, preparation of cadastre , cadastral audit , preparation of bidding documents , project managment, etc. .