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Pisan S.L. is a company founded in Barcelona by Santiago Piñol Sanjaume, which draws on the experience of a lineage of professionals dedicated to construction spanning over four generations, beginning in Xerta (Tarragona) in 1870.

Pisan S.L. perfectly covers the two traditional variants of the construction sector, which are engineering and architecture, as well as aspects of construction management and consulting, offering its clients the highest level in the development of their projects, whether in a comprehensive or partial manner.

Pisan S.L. offers private and government clients all the stages of comprehensive project management, as well as any of its partial processes, including strategic analysis, feasibility studies, site selection, urban planning, permit acquisition, geotechnical studies, environmental studies, project drafting, construction management, bid selection processes, land surveying, cadastral audit, preparation of tender specifications, project management, and more.

“Our human team”