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Changing rooms attached to the Municipal Pavilion in Masquefa

Project for changing rooms annexed to the existing Municipal Pavilion next to the new pavilion in Masquefa

Sector: Structures, buildings

Servicios: Proyectos

This is the project for the new construction of the changing rooms building for the existing sports pavilion. This changing rooms building is located parallel to its east side, with direct access from the public road, Maresme Avenue, and with exclusive access also from the patio of the El Turó public school, through an external ramp. The new building is located at the same level as the sports hall court, to facilitate communication between the changing rooms and the playing court. It is rectangular in shape and will be built with a structure of two parallel load-bearing walls and a laminated wood roof structure supported on these, creating an overhang up to the facade of the existing sports hall, without interfering with the existing structure and construction of the NEW Municipal Pavilion and adjoining changing rooms in Masquefa.