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New Llobregat Axis Road – C-16 Road Section: Puig-Reig – Berga

Public works concession "New Llobregat Axis Road C-16 from Barcelona to Puigcerdà, from PK 75+500 to 96+500". Translation: Section: Puig-Reig - Berga.

The new construction route (Puig-reig – Berga) has been mainly separated from the Llobregat river and designed through the ridgeline areas, hence the amount of existing viaducts. The main magnitudes are: 21 km of widening of the existing road between Puig-Reig and Berga, 16 viaducts, 4 tunnels. Noteworthy.

  • Viaduct of Puig Reig: it is a mixed-section viaduct that runs over the Llobregat River. It has a length of 568m and 9 spans with a maximum span of 64m and a maximum pier height of 43m. The curvilinear layout in plan and the existence of a vertical agreement in elevation added difficulty to the fitting of the viaduct in the project phase.
  • Green tea: It is a slope restoration method that allows for the integration of steep slopes. This consists of defining a stepped pattern on the slope in the form of planter boxes built with a longitudinal mesh supported by topsoil.
  • Talud Royal: is a method for generating slopes that are fully integrated into the environment, leaving the natural slope of the material of each layer that emerges from the excavation and making use of the natural fractures in the rock mass. The result is a variable morphology slope in elevation that tries to simulate a natural slope.


  • Cliente: Infraestructures.cat

  • Presupuesto: 234.432.742,81 €

  • Ejecución obra: 1 de December de 2010